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Jonathan Foust's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC
Jonathan Foust
Jonathan Foust is a guiding teacher for the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute and a senior teacher and former president of Kripalu Center. He has been leading retreats and training teachers for more than 25 years. Jonathan is the creator of the “Year of Living Mindfully” program and teaches regularly in the DC metro area. You can listen to his talks and guided meditations through his podcast or online.
2016-03-07 The Path: Wise and Skillful Speech 44:18
This talk explores guidelines for wise and skillful speech. You’ll learn why not to use auto-correct on your phone, the impact and criteria for wise speech, questions you can ask yourself before speaking, a powerful communication model and what’s possible when you pay attention to the relationship between your mind and what you say outloud.
IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks
2016-02-29 The Path: Skillful Intention 43:48
This talk explores the importance of clear and conscious intention. You’ll learn about the difference between a goal and an intention, how intention is related to karma, three main intentions you might keep in mind and how the spirit of an intention is to bring you back to the here and now.
IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks
2015-12-31 Heart Meditation: Space of Awareness 34:45
2015 IMCW New Year Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion
2015-12-29 Coming Home: The Portal of Self-Compassion 59:55
This talk explores how you can increase your capacity for self-compassion. You’ll learn what gets in the way of coming home to yourself, a comparison of strategies, techniques for accessing self-compassion as well as what it means to embrace the awakening of heart and mind. (Apologies to Lou Reed.)
2015 IMCW New Year Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion
2015-10-15 Morning Instruction and Meditation 38:33
2015 IMCW Fall Retreat - Intimacy with Life
2015-10-15 Morning Instructions on the Final Day of the Fall Retreat: Focus, Flow and Let Go 38:37
Short orientation and a guided meditation that moves from concentration to mindfulness to an inquiry into release and surrender.
2015 IMCW Fall Retreat - Intimacy with Life
2015-10-11 Guided Metta Meditation on Pain 38:58
From the afternoon Metta meditation at the 2015 IMCW Fall Retreat. Brief instructions and orientation and three guided meditations on shifting your relationship with pain. You’ll explore the zones of pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensation, a loving kindness body scan and using mindful breath, offering compassion to your body.
2015 IMCW Fall Retreat - Intimacy with Life
2015-10-10 Transforming Your Relationship to Obstacles 59:34
The first evening talk of the 2015 IMCW Fall Retreat, Jonathan talks about the process of settling in and working with the natural challenges that arise in cultivating non-judging awareness.
2015 IMCW Fall Retreat - Intimacy with Life
2015-09-04 You Are Not the Weather (retreat talk) 58:40
This talk explores how you can dramatically enhance your capacity to see clearly. You’ll learn about the nature of sustaining attention on non-judging awareness and the liberating practice of recognizing and naming the weather patterns of the mind.
2015 IMCW Labor Day Weekend Retreat
2015-06-08 The World is One Family: Healing the Wounds of Racism and Discrimination 46:36
This talk explores how we can live with a wise heart in a world filled with turmoil. You’ll learn how recognizing delusion and ignorance is critical to waking up, how delusion forms and persists and how we can heal and restore a sense of our shared humanity.
IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

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